Our Society

Who are we ?

BT Technologies is BtoB services company in the industrial electricity and automation environment, but also industrial maintenance.

Created in 2019 in Montélimar in France by Benjamin HEBERT, passionate about technology and industry, BT Technologies is a human-sized company that operates an a national scale as well as internationaly. We are brought to work for any company in the industrial field wherever it is located.

Our job

BT Technologies positions itself as a partner of OEMs, machine designer and manufacturers of automated systems. We support you in your projects on two main areas of expertise :

  • Industrial electricity : Electrical work in the workshop, wiring and assembling of cabinets, panels, electrical boxes, design of electrical diagrams
  • Industrial automation : Automation studies, new or renovation projects, input/outpût tests, commissionning, indutrial supervision.
We also provide industrial maintenance services. whatever your industrial sector of activity, we will respond to your requests for industrial electricity and automation.

Why choose us ?

  • We guarantee a complete installation thanks to our services in study and electrical installation, automation and industrial data.
  • We can offer you various electrical maintenance, automation and mechanical services.
  • We create a real partnership with our customers in order to best meet their needs and provide adapted services.

But still…

  •  The size of our structure leads to quick decision-macking and a strong responsiveness of our team.
  • BT Technologies is committed to being your most competitive partner possible and offering you its sertvices at the best cost.
  • We are guided by both the testa and the experience of the industrial environment, but also by a developed sense of customer service.